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The Myth of the Back-to-the-City Migration: Wall Street Journal Opinion

The condo bust should lay to rest the notion that the American love affair with suburbia is over

Joel Kotkin, writer for the Journal and a presidential fellow at Chapman University, is the author of “The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050″ (Penguin Press: 2010), offers up an interesting perspective on this topic.  The question of are Americans really embracing the idea that sprawl is not a good thing for them … or are they saying do as I say, but not as I do? 

Pundits, planners and urban visionaries—citing everything from changing demographics, soaring energy prices, the rise of the so-called “creative class,” and the need to battle global warming—have been predicting for years that America”s love affair with the suburbs will soon be over. Their voices have grown louder since the onset of the housing crisis. Suburban neighborhoods, as the Atlantic magazine put it in March 2008, would morph into “the new slums” as people trek back to dense urban spaces.

But the great migration back to the city hasn”t occurred …  

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