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Real Estate Marketing

The MacRo Ltd. Service Commitment

At MacRo Ltd., marketing a property means much more than simply advertising a property.

We begin by establishing a range of probable market values for the property, taking into account how various time considerations will affect those values. We work closely with owners and/or their representatives to determine which value scenario best matches their goals. We establish the priority terms and conditions that are in their best interests and counsel them on other potential conditions of sale that may have an effect on the final price.

Once we have those pieces in place, we begin the process of finding the right buyer and working with them to achieve a timely and successful closing:


Compile Background Data

With the help of owners, MacRo, Ltd. compiles a thorough package of all available deeds, title reports, proposed site plans, plats, tax records, environmental reports, zoning approvals/variances, easements, etc. This information is used to prepare an informational package that is provided to the most likely prospects. In some cases, providing such information may require that prospects execute a letter of confidentiality.

Personal Contact with Targeted Prospects

ONE-ON-ONE telephone contact and personal meetings with pre-selected qualified potential buyers are two of the primary ways we contact prospects. One of our best sources for finding buyers is via a database that we have developed since 1990. This list totals nearly 20,000 categorized contacts including nearly 4,000 email addresses from all over the region and United States, including investors, end users, property owners and brokers who have an interest in real estate in the mid-Maryland region. These people are familiar with our firm.

Target Marketing Prospects

Using the MacRo database, we promote the property through our company newsletter – The MacRo Report – as well as through targeted direct mail promotional pieces distributed through the US Postal Service, email and web-based RSS feeds. Hard copy issues are mailed out in the spring and fall of each year.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing promotes property through the Internet via Blogs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We have invested a great deal of time and effort into “being found” at the top of popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The MacRo Report Blog features regular new “posts” on listings and various topics involving land and commercial real estate in the Mid-Maryland region and is another means of attracting prospects to your property.

Contact with Selected Real Estate Brokers in the Region and Other Parts of the Country

As noted earlier, MacRo, Ltd. has established a strong network and contact list of hundreds of the best brokerage firms that specialize in all aspects of land and commercial real estate. These firms are a ready source of good prospects. We have found that next to ONE-ON-ONE direct contact, the use of emails is an excellent way to reach out to the brokerage community.


Site Signage

MacRo, Ltd. highly recommends “FOR SALE” or “FOR LEASE” signs since they are one of the very best ways to promote a property. Our signs are customized to the site and include descriptive riders.

Prepare a Brochure

MacRo, Ltd. prepares a full-color marketing brochure with all necessary details to encourage prospect interest in the property.

Promote the Property through the Internet

We believe the Internet is “where it’s at” for marketing real estate. MacRo Ltd.’s website ( has recently undergone a total makeover so as to make it the most competitive site in the Mid-Maryland region for marketing land and commercial real estate. It displays all of our listings and links them to more than 40 relative local, national and international search engines, such as,, and, as well as several REATLOR-based list services.

Newspaper and Periodical Advertising

While “hardcopy publications” are losing ground to Internet marketing, we still use local, regional and national newspapers, as well as selected “niche” publication advertising, as a part of our diversified marketing program.

Demonstrate the Property

A knowledgeable MacRo, Ltd. representative accompanies all prospects on visits to view properties under consideration.

Bring Offers to the Table

Qualify all Prospects

MacRo, Ltd. does its best to pre-qualify all interested prospects to make sure they are financially capable of fulfilling the contract. It’s important to know their reputation and how they respect their commitments.

Encourage Offers

We encourage prospects to offer qualified purchase proposals. When multiple offers are made, MacRo, Ltd. never reveals the offering terms of one buyer to another, but notifies all prospects that other offers exist or that there is strong interest so as to create a negotiation advantage for our client.

Prepare Offers

The MacRo team prepares the offer to purchase property after carefully reviewing the appropriate terms and conditions that accompany the offer. MacRo, Ltd. inserts all necessary elements to fulfill the offer.

Act as Owners’ Representative in Negotiations

MacRo, Ltd. takes client representation very seriously. When our clients select MacRo, Ltd., they are assured of our loyalty and dedication. Many firms have established relationships with clients they have represented many times, yet if the opportunity arises, they will represent a party on the other side of a transaction with their established client. In such cases, it may be difficult for that broker to give critical, unbiased advice to the new client when their regular prospect is at the other end of the table. At MacRo, Ltd., we clearly notify prospects that we represent our clients in transactions. Our clients have found that MacRo, Ltd. can be an instrumental member of the advisory team that is assembled for any given transaction.

Facilitate Timely Closings

One of the most important things we do is shepherd a transaction to closing. Many tasks need to be coordinated and parties must be kept on task to get the job done. Immediately after a contract is executed, MacRo, Ltd. prepares and distributes an outline to all parties and their advisors of all tasks and critical dates that must be tracked to close on the required date. We also attend any inspections, hearings or meetings related to the transaction because although we try to anticipate every possible scenario, issues may arise along the way that require clarification or immediate action. At MacRo, Ltd., we assist our clients every step of the way until the process is complete because we don’t consider the job done until closing occurs and the money changes hands.

I appreciated the creative approach that MacRo, Ltd. applied to the sale of my land in Frederick, MD. Not only did they maximize the value of my property but they also followed up with the details that assured a prompt settlement.

Miles Circo
St. Michaels, Maryland

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