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MacRo Report, Volume XVI Issue 3

This current issue of the MacRo Report was released today to over 20,000 residents and others who are interested in Frederick County, Maryland land and commercial real estate news and information.

The Market is Springing to Life!

Spring has traditionally been a month when lots of things come to life, and the local real estate market is no exception. We’ve spent the last few months putting the finishing touches on a number of sales, leases and contracts, including:

Our region continues to lead the nation in many areas of the real estate recovery. In fact, Bloomberg Business Wire recently reported that Chain Links Retail Advisers named the Washington D.C. market first in its “Power Rankings” due to the region’s low unemployment, shopping center vacancy rates and continued high levels of retailer demand.

Whether you are looking for retail,office or general commercial space, check out some of our new or current listings or give us a call at 301-698-9696. Don’t forget about our fantastic farms for sale!

Have You Heard?

We’ve moved again!

After a brief stay in temporary quarters, please take note that we have put down roots in the Westview Office Court Condominiums, 5300 Westview Drive, Suite 302, Frederick,Maryland 21703. Stop by any time to say hello and learn more about our many exciting properties and projects. GET DIRECTIONS

Introducing Our Newest Staff Member!

Sarah Koons is our new Director of Marketing and brings more than six years of marketing and advertising experience in web, social media and branding efforts. Sarah will use her experience in designing and implementing effective marketing strategies to take MacRo to the next level of community awareness,web presence, and improved overall branding. MORE

A New Government for Frederick County?

MacRo President Rocky Mackintosh was recently appointed by the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners to a nine-member Charter Home Rule Board to write a new constitution for the county. Read all about it on the MacRo Report Blog!

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MacRo Report- Kicking Up Some Dirt

The following MacRo Report entry is written by Rocky Mackintosh, President of MacRo, Ltd. regarding the recent uptick in the real estate market.

Being a land broker, I thought this would be an appropriate opener for our Spring ’11 edition of the MacRo Report!

While we are often known for expressing our opinions and perspectives on local and community issues, the kicked up dirt I’m talking about is what happens in the real estate business when activity is brisk… especially after a dry spell.

The land and commercial real estate market has experienced some slow times over the last three years, but now the buyers are back—and the sellers are listening.The leasing markets are seeing more prospects out looking as well.

Properties are changing hands again and we are happy to be in the mix!

If I were still the naïve young real estate agent I was back in the early 1970s, I’d tell you that it was all about the incredible integrated web-based marketing program we initiated last year, but I will give the slight uptick in the local economy “some” of the credit!

With that said, however,MacRo has been converting listings into sales at seriously increased levels! And more property owners are seeking our services as they join our growing list of email subscribers.

Have YOU signed up for our weekly Thursday email newsletter of MacRo Report Blog posts and current property offerings? If not,we hope you will!

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MacRo Report- MacRo Partners with FAY for New Community Center

MacRo is partnering with the Frederick Alliance for Youth (FAY) to bring a new community center to the Hillcrest area of Frederick.

MacRo owns a 2.42 acre site that is located adjacent to the City’sHOPE VI townhouses off Hillcrest Drive. FAY has contracted to purchase the property and has plans to develop a 30,000 square foot community center on the site. The facility will also house the Carroll Creek Montessori School, a public charter school.

Work is currently underway to obtain all appropriate zoning approvals, with construction tentatively scheduled to begin later this year. The Ausherman Family Foundation provided a large grant to get the ball rolling and FAY will soon begin a major capital campaign to raise additional funds to support the project.

Frederick Alliance for Youth is a nonprofit organization founded in 2008 to promote and support positive change in the Hillcrest and Waverly communities. Scott Alexander, FAY president and CEO, says plans for the new community center include a gym, playground, computer lab, classrooms, stage, teen center, music room and more. “The goal is for the facility to serve the 300 or so Montessori school students during the day and then partner with other agencies who can make use of the space in the afternoons and evenings to serve kids and families in the community.”

Visit to learn more about the organization and to contribute to the capital campaign to support the construction of the community center.

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MacRo Report- Latest News

Here’s the latest news on…

Downtown Frederick Hotel and Conference Center

You may recall in the Fall 2010 issue of the MacRo Report we announced that we had submitted to the City of Frederick our proposal for a hotel and conference center at East All Saints and Commerce streets.

Our proposal is one of several the City is considering as part of its efforts to attract a hotel development team to Downtown Frederick. Studies have revealed that downtown lodging and meeting facilities are a much-needed and missing component of Downtown’s on-going revitalization. From recent conversations with City officials, it appears that a selection offer may be initiated this fall!

We are very excited about the interest we have received from a number of hotel groups so as they say…stay tuned.

The Manor at Holly Hills

Interest in The Manor at Holly Hills continues to grow.We are currently accepting and have received a few non-binding Memoranda of Intent as place-holds from buyers who are interested in some of the 21 estate lots that range from 1.2 to 26 acres.

Offering privacy and sweeping hilltop views of the surrounding area, these premier lots are located just to the east of Frederick and are a stone’s throw away from the Holly Hills Country Club.

The centerpiece of the 185-acre Manor at Holly Hills is the 26-acre Ritchie Manor estate, which features a circa-1800 Federal-style stone farm house, in-ground swimming pool, bank barn, stable and numerous other outbuildings.

Lot prices at The Manor at Holly Hills start under $300,000. Please contact Rocky Mackintosh at 301-698-9696 ext. 202 or email him at You may also visit our Manor at Holly Hills website for more information.

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MacRo Report- Lots and Land

The following MacRo Report entry is written by Dave Wilkinson, Vice President of MacRo, Ltd. regarding the current climate of lots and land.

The past decade has been a roller coaster ride in the real estate industry and no segment has seen greater highs or lows than the market for lots and land. Buyers, sellers, agents, builders and surveyors have all felt the effects and can attest to what a wild ride it’s been.

In 1999 America was in the midst of the longest period of sustained economic growth in its history. The number of land sales in Frederick County steadily increased during the 1990s, but things started to change in 2000. Take a look at the number of sales of lots and land in Frederick County as reported by Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc. (“MRIS”) from 2000 through 2010:


Of further interest is how prices have behaved during this period, as evidenced by MRIS data on lots between one and two acres in size:

2000—42 sales,median price: $73,000
2005—36 sales,median price: $215,000
2006—16 sales,median price: $267,000
2010—9 sales,median price: $150,000

Lot prices escalated rapidly in the early  2000s and sales decreased in response. By 2006 lot prices hit an“unsustainable high”and the bubble burst. In the past few years the number of sales has fallen substantially and prices are falling in response. At MacRo we believe that the market for land is near its trough and things will begin improving. While we don’t expect a rapid increase in the number of sales or in prices in the near term,we do feel strongly that the worst is behind us.

MacRo has decades of experience in the landmarkets of Frederick and Montgomery counties and surrounding areas. If we can assist you in selling, buying, preserving or valuing your land please contact us.

Click here to download the complete PDF version of this spring’s MacRo Report!

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